What is your profession?

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What is your profession?


Have you ever seen the movie 300?

I personally love the movie.  More than anything I love one pivotal scene that has been replayed on YouTube a million times over.  

Leonidas and the 300 Spartans march to the hot gates and meet their allies halfway. The Acadian leader looks at Leonidas concerned with how little of force he brought and says, “Leonidas, we heard that Sparta was on the warpath and wanted to join, but you only brought these handful of soldiers.”

Quickly Leonidas precedes to ask three Acadians what their profession was and each one answered with what most would say is logical. 

“I am a potter sir…”

“I am a sculptor.”

“I am a blacksmith.”

With a grin, Leonidas turns his head over his shoulder and yells, “Spartans, what is your profession?”

In a unified voice they yell, “AROOOOO, AROOOOO, AROOOOO!!!”

“You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did,” stated Leonidas to the Acadian leader.

At the SoM we use this same philosophy.  In fact, you can hear us in our videos scream this at the top of the longs.  It is a battle cry.  People look at us like we are crazy, which we don’t care, but what they don’t understand, and rightfully so, is the WHY behind it.

As a Man too many of us define ourselves by what we do vs. why we do it.  It is easy to do because that is the most common question at a cocktail party.  We honestly don’t realize it, but those who live with a WHY never define themselves by their job, but instead the impact they will have on this world.

Along the warpath, for those who listen closely, the narrator says the following:

“We march for our lands, we march for our families, we march for our freedom.”

That was the Spartans WHY.  They knew they were going to die, but they were going to die with honor.  Knowing that when adversity would hit and the battle would start, there would be no running, no hiding, because they were fueled with their WHY.

And this my friends, is WHY we yell from our souls.  To awaken our inner WHY and remind ourselves to not to define ourselves by what we do, but why we do it.  

Find your battle cry and honor it every day.


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