As Little as 5 Minutes a Day…
Get Traction on Your Highest Value targets…
Using Sports Psychology and
Spec Ops Planning Tools


If you feel dead inside or want to go to the next level
in family, wealth and leadership… but are stuck…
There is ONE reason you and me have stopped winning
– after thousands of years THRIVING.
You ARE Being Attacked.
You have been lied to and probably now repeat the lies.
There is a simple but hard path to RECLAIM your full Primal Power

“I entered the School of Man thinking life was going all right. I am married to a beautiful wife, I have two beautiful girls, and have a great job. What else could you ask for? Well, there is more. This year alone (2017) I have conquered more than I ever could have imagined. I have read more and fed my mind more than ever before through Warrior Box. I have set the RIGHT goals using a proven formula we use at the SoM, conquered the 60-hour SoM Crucible, conquered an Olympic Triathlon, lost weight, and propelled myself in marriage to be the Man my wife dreams of at night, but gets to wake up to in the morning. It doesn’t matter what type of Man you are, if you want results or just want more, the SoM is your home.”

Tim Craig
Class 001


School of Man (SoM) was created to reclaim a lost sense of manhood and brotherhood so many men now live without.

The original program between two of the founders, evolved into a transformative experience for men. Familes have been healed and rebuilt. Wealth and businesses have been created and grown. Leadership has been forged and hardened. Men have found accountability and power inside the extreme training environment. This “toughening” brings them to know their full power. This then gives them ability to counter the soft, politically correct culture sourrounding them. This is a brotherhood and an extreme accountability group. The School of Man has become an organization to give men the skillsets to be successful in body, business, and life.

You will be forced to tap your full potential when you enter the School of Man. This training model will give you results, and change your life. You will develop a mindset which is tough as nails and signals “alpha” to the world who looks to you for leadership.

what men are saying about som

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