Movement Library

Fitness has its own language. The movement library is your dictionary to movements, explaining not only what the movement is, but how to properly perform the movement to prevent injury. Movements are in alphabetical order and are a mixture of body weight, barbell, and odd object movements.

Air Squats

Alternate Grip Pull Up

Alternating Dumbbell Press

Alternating Kettle Bell Floor Presses

Back Squats

Banded Pushup

Bear Crawl

Box Jump

Broad Jump

Burpee Broad Jump


Butterfly or Flutter Kicks

Butterfly Pullup

Butterfly Situps



Dive Bomber Push Up

Farmers Carry

Front Squats

Goblet Squats

Good Morning

Hand Release Push Up

Handstand Push Up

Hollow Body to Superman

Jump Squat

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Lunge

Jumping Pullup

Kettle Bell Snatch

Kettle Bell Swings

Kipping Pullup

Knees to Elbow

Leg Lever

Leg Lunges

Man Maker Mountain Climber

Negative Pullup

Overhead Squats

Push Ups

Shoulder Press

Strict Pull Up

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The Step Up

Tire Flip

Tricep Dips

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