Ep 34: How To Go Up Another Level By Creating A Story

If you walk around SoM Headquarters long enough you will hear guys say, “meow, meow” to each other.  In fact, you might even earn a patch that has “meow, meow” on it.

It is to remind you to focus on the hard and the things that matter most…and when you don’t do what is hard, expect to get a “meow, meow.”

This started with Cole creating a false story to pump himself up.  He was in a rut early June and decided to fabricate a story that someone called him a pussycat…which intern psyched himself up to go to another level, thrusting him, along with the men of SoM to blaze a trail of greatness throughout the summer.

Here is what you will gain by listening to this episode:

  • Learn the art of creating the shift through the power of storytelling. 
  • Understand how to listen to your gut when you feel your team is off which means usually you are off.
  • Gain leadership skills and tactics through the mental training and preparation Cole practices, to take your business, teams, and those who love you the most to the next level.
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