Ep. 25: No One Is Coming To Save You

Today we’re touching on an important concept: no one is coming to save you. As men, we have to constantly remind ourselves of this idea. We live in a world of instant gratification, and often we expect the process of our own growth to be much the same. You should still raise your hand when you need help, but you also need to be willing to figure it out on your own and practice extreme ownership.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • The mission of School of Man.
  • How the instant gratification of today takes away from the process of life.
  • What the team is looking for in those men who enroll within the School of Man.
  • The importance of extreme ownership.
  • Why men look for answers in the wrong places.
  • How you can get to a place of living better every day.
  • The greatest resource that you already possess.
  • What happens when you don’t take extreme ownership.
  • How we use coping mechanisms to avoid taking personal responsibility.
  • A sign of an unhealthy alpha and how they see the world.
  • How turning your pain into purpose can be powerful.
  • Why looking for someone else to be your hero doesn’t work.
  • Why self-exploration can be difficult for men.
  • How repetitive behavior and self-sabotage influences unhealthy alphas.
  • The type of behavior that keeps men stuck in Groundhog Day.
  • What every man learns at the beginning of School of Man.
  • The things in your life that can only be your responsibility.
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