Ep. 26: How Your Upbringing Impacts Your GOALs

Today, let’s discuss motivation and why it’s not something you can rely on, especially when resistance comes into play. In order to become the man you want to be, you have to focus on embodying the qualities that make the “one percent man.” It’s also crucial to explore your upbringing and how it influences your goal setting so you can make your impact on the world.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Why motivation can fail you.
  • Why resistance is powerful, and how to overcome it.
  • The importance of working for something bigger than yourself.
  • What the poverty mindset is.
  • What separates the average man from the one percent man.
  • Why you need to take action more times than not.
  • How the man you become is an evolution.
  • Why it’s better to fail on a high target than set one that is too low.
  • The types of things that can happen to derail you.
  • The ethos that the one percent man believes in.
  • Why you need to explore your upbringing and how it impacts your goal setting.
  • How the way your parents live can influence who you become as an adult.
  • Why it doesn’t hurt to think big and go for it.
  • Why you need to take on the hardest thing you possibly can.
  • The reason that only you can produce the results that you want.
  • The one thing you do have control over.
  • Why it’s your duty to expand yourself.
  • What this next year is all about.
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