Ep. 24: Intentional vs. Conditional Thinking

What does it mean to be an intentional man versus a conditional man? The most successful men don’t drift their way to success​​ – they act intentionally with a fulfillment mindset. The intentional man has a crystal-clear picture of who he is, what he wants, and where he’s going.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Why School of Man is about intention to results.
  • Who you have to be vulnerable with first before anyone else.
  • How a lack of purpose can influence your life negatively.
  • Why you need to believe things before you see them.
  • Where trusting yourself comes from and how you can put it into practice.
  • Why there’s no reason to choose failure.
  • What a fulfillment mindset is and why it’s important.
  • How self-exploration and the journey to know yourself can be powerful.
  • The easiest summary of an intentional versus conditional man.
  • The secret to unlocking the inner energy that allows you to put a dent in the universe.
  • How fully appreciating the seconds in your day supports intentionality.
  • The importance of maintaining a single, concrete focus.
  • What the unhealthy alpha says that holds them back.
  • How an intentional man would train for a marathon compared to how a conditional man would.
  • What you may be saying to lower your own self-worth.
  • What it looks like to live in a reactive state.
  • Whether or not it’s possible to go back and forth between intentional and conditional.
  • A takeaway question for you to consider.
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