Ep. 23: Be the Standard

This episode of School of Man is all about the value of trust, vulnerability, and remaining humble when you’re being called out or lovingly held accountable. It’s important that you be willing to receive honest feedback so you can identify your shortcomings, and then you can do something about it. As a man, you need to be able to acknowledge you are perfectly flawed while remaining in the pursuit of becoming better every day.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • What leadership is and is not.
  • Where the teaching on this podcast comes from.
  • Why the world needs to embrace healthy conflict.
  • Why it’s important to raise your hand first and be held accountable.
  • How trust plays into vulnerability.
  • The importance of telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
  • Why being the “fun” dad isn’t always the best role for a father to play.
  • How the entitlement mindset influences men.
  • The qualities of a real man and how a real man operates.
  • Why, as a man, you have to lead your children by example and what that looks like.
  • What ultimately helps you see a man’s spirit.
  • How embracing vulnerability, openness, and conflict is actually a positive thing.
  • How men mistake movement with progress.
  • About the ethos behind School of Man.
  • What kind of environment builds the best men?
  • An example of what it means to be held lovingly accountable.
  • Why insight without action is worthless.
  • How being in receiving mode and being humbled helps in accepting feedback.
  • Two questions to take away from this episode and where to follow up.
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