Ep. 22: Bourbon and Bullshitting with OG Jon Kennon

We’ve got Jon Kennon, a School of Man original member, with us in this week’s show. He and Cole are going to have a long conversation and talk about so many things from their lives.

Jon and Cole use this episode as an opportunity to discuss the importance of outsourcing, how limiting beliefs can hold you back, why getting out of your comfort zone is important, and what it means to be a man.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Who Jon says would win a fight between a Kodiak and a lion.
  • Outsourcing things in your life and reasons why you should.
  • Why you should transfer your energy to focus on your goals.
  • How men have been conditioned to view things.
  • Why Jon adopted a new mindset once his son was born.
  • How your limiting beliefs keep you from getting started.
  • A bit about Jon and Cole’s college experience.
  • How moving to Florida helped Jon become more open minded.
  • What Jon would do if he could go back to college today.
  • Why Jon says he was not a man in his first marriage.
  • What you have to recognize to be a real man.
  • What the lowest level of leadership is.
  • Why Cole wants to go to Burning Man.
  • How School of Man might be different from how it appears.
  • What happens when people suffer together.
  • Why you should take a risk and say yes to life.
  • The theme of this podcast episode and what you should take from it.
  • How humans have been conditioned to give up early.
  • Jon’s philosophy of not knowing anything and how it relates to being a man.
  • How and why Jon still struggles with leadership.
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