Ep. 21: Blind Trust with Josh Gonzales, SoM 006

On this episode of School of Man, we’re joined by Josh Gonzalez. Even though Josh is still young, he’s experienced tremendous growth in his personal journey. He has been through a lot of pain in an effort to discover his true self.

Josh learned to befriend his pain by listening to it and running towards it instead of running away. Because of this, he’s been able to turn his pain into purpose. He uses what he’s learned through pain in his work, his relationships, and his love of running.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • What Josh is an expert in.
  • The different types of pain that we can experience.
  • Why we should embrace pain in our lives.
  • What led Josh to an identity crisis.
  • How a lack of calmness in the world is influencing men.
  • What happens if you overcommit and say yes to too much.
  • Why it’s important to be conscious about your thoughts and patterns.
  • How Josh started building a better foundation in his life.
  • What Josh learned from talking to other people about pain.
  • The increase in crisis callers since the pandemic began.
  • Tactics to help someone considering suicide.
  • What happens when your pain is seen.
  • The races Josh got involved in recently.
  • How an ultra race challenged him to “blindly try”.
  • Why you should know how to operate in times of extreme stress.
  • What brotherhood really looks like.
  • A recent experience that made Josh feel truly changed.
  • How Josh was able to support a brother in presence alone.
  • The message Josh wants to deliver to the world.
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