Ep. 16: Ethos Part 2 – Lion Hearted

Let’s get into the second of three episodes about the School of Man ethos. This time, Cole is going to be presenting some big questions, but they’re only useful if you actually answer them. The bigger the question, the bigger the answer, the bigger the result.

Breaking down the next paragraphs of the ethos, we’ll hear about how they play a role in your life even if you might think they don’t at first. Cole also takes us through the right way to harness vulnerability and own your consequences to make an impact.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Understanding that you have the opportunity to get better every day.
  • The second and third paragraphs of the ethos.
  • Reasons why the fatherhood and marriage parts of the ethos are helpful even for men without kids or a wife.
  • Why Cole says he originally sucked at being a father.
  • Telling people what they want to hear versus what we really think.
  • What being a brother means in the SoM and why Cole doesn’t use this title on just anyone.
  • Using the pain in your life as purpose to connect with your “why.”
  • Men that Cole sees swimming downstream instead of upstream.
  • Why creativity is both risky and important for you to have.
  • Being lion-hearted by doing something you’ve never done before.
  • The importance of being secure enough to show your flaws but fierce enough to attack them head-on.
  • A look at why just being vulnerable isn’t enough.
  • Why running from your mistakes results in learning nothing.
  • Suffering consequences, owning them, and doing something with them.
  • An exercise that Cole wants you to do so you can make a bigger impact.
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