Ep. 13: Crucible Moments

This week, Cole is alongside Zack Cox, Brian Barnett, and Scott Huff. They’re here to talk about their experience with the Crucible Challenge in School of Man, along with how the lessons from it can be applied anywhere in life.

The guys reveal their biggest takeaways from Crucible, along with some reasons why they knew they had to join SoM. We hear about why Crucible is so special compared to other programs and how it has improved the lives of each man who has participated.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • An introduction of our three guests.
  • What Crucible meant to Zack and where it helped him excel afterwards.
  • The lifelong bond that Brian gained from going through Crucible.
  • How Crucible made Scott realize that he was selfish.
  • The moment when Zack knew that he had to surround himself with better men.
  • Fears that people may have when considering SoM.
  • Growing through other men by witnessing their pain.
  • The lack of self-confidence that Brian had and how it has changed.
  • How relationships built at Crucible can stop you from falling back into old ways.
  • The small size of groups at Crucible and why it’s an advantage.
  • The most important key differentiator at SoM.
  • Being aware of selfish tendencies.
  • How knowing the magnitude of impact SoM can have fuels Scott.
  • Some of the funniest moments the guys remember from Crucible.
  • What happens when you see a man you respect crying.
  • What the phoenix, the official insignia of SoM, means to each of the guys.
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