Ep. 12: Pressure Is a Privilege

There are two sides to pressure: the healthy side and the unhealthy side. In this episode, Cole will be explaining what that means and why pressure is integral for building courage as a man.

So many men avoid pressure in their lives, and this prevents them from ever doing any meaningful growth. They have lost the art of using healthy pressure to foster mental toughness. Cole will tell us how to get out of this trap one step at a time and how taking this action will result in living the life we really want.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Why Cole feels that pressure is a privilege.
  • Embracing pressure to morph into a new, stronger man.
  • The number-one fear that scares Cole as a man.
  • A situation in school that Cole approached too comfortably.
  • Men who avoid pressure at all costs, and the effects this has on their lives.
  • Learning to walk before you can run.
  • Reasons why a fractured focus results in a fractured result.
  • Why it is extremely important to not attach an ill-equipped emotion to an expectation.
  • The mindset to have to shift away from ill-equipped emotions.
  • Taking your life back by putting yourself in an active state of living.
  • Examples of what happens when men put too much unhealthy pressure on themselves.
  • Understanding the artform of pressure and converting it into healthy fuel for performance.
  • Mastering the small things to gain momentum and achieve the life you really want.
  • How pressure-filled situations will make you a better man.
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