Ep. 11: Perfectly Flawed

Very few embrace it, but we are all perfectly flawed. It’s important to own the decisions you have made in life, so Cole will be taking us through some of his worst moments in this episode.

Going through these situations has made Cole a better man, just like how your flaws have done the same for you. You should be secure enough to own your own flaws and showcase them to the world instead of conforming to how other people want you to be.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • The fact that a lot of men are living a life for someone else.
  • What is the number-one thing that men are always seeking?
  • Why Cole was always conforming and living a life that others wanted him to live.
  • Self-sabotage that Cole began orchestrating in 7th grade.
  • The feeling of depression Cole experienced when he was 18 years old.
  • Using Adderall during college, amongst other unhealthy habits.
  • Cole’s addiction to lying and how it came into play when he moved to Nashville.
  • A total lie that Cole told his future wife, Ashley, when they first spoke.
  • How Cole’s interest in working out was a form of seeking validation.
  • Events that led to Cole and Ashley initially thinking their marriage was a mistake.
  • When Cole realized what it truly means to live instead of just existing.
  • Understanding that your vulnerability is your superpower.
  • Why you need to trust the process and be willing to do the hard things.
  • The trend of people censoring themselves.
  • Being able to display your flaws to the world.
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