Ep. 10: To Hell and Back with Clint Speer

We’re joined today by Clint Spear for a conversation about how you would treat today if it was your last day. Clint will also explain what SoM means to him.

A lot of men are just existing, not living. This was the case for Clint before he joined SoM. He was okay with where he was, but his heart was full of angst; his mentality, spirituality, and physicality just weren’t coming together. Coming from extreme childhood trauma and drug abuse, Clint is taking the steps he needs to reclaim himself and his life.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Learning to treat every day as a privilege instead of a burden.
  • How SoM is making Clint 1% better every day.
  • Why Clint reached out to SoM.
  • Owning your own story.
  • Understanding that everything happens for you, not to you.
  • Dealing with repressed trauma and emotions.
  • Why Clint spent much of his youth wearing a mask.
  • What insecurities kept Clint down in his teens.
  • Overcoming the ‘follower’ mentality.
  • How Clint became involved with drugs and why his drug use ramped up.
  • Acknowledging unhealthy boundaries.
  • Mistaking motion for progress.
  • The prevalence and pattern of drug addiction.
  • Getting through broken relationships and family betrayal.
  • How Clint met his current wife, Heidi, and how she found out about his drug use.
  • Creating conditions for quitting and why they don’t work.
  • Coming to intentional action to overcome addiction.
  • Finding your spiritual connection and living for someone better than yourself.
  • Letting people face their own darkness.
  • Where Clint is at right now in his life.
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