Ep 32: Magic Moments Are What Life Is About

The second paragraph of the School of Man Ethos calls for you “To be the hero and father your children need.” But the reality is, we as men are battling with the addiction to distraction, e-mails, deadlines, growing a business, and putting food on the table.  All of the sudden we look up and the memories we were supposed to make were suffocated by our burning desire to be a provider.

Cole takes you on a 20 minute journey into fatherhood and how he as a father has learned to earn what he calls “magic moments” in his children’s lives.  

Just recently he experienced a magic moment that brought him to tears and will remind you that the work you do as a father is to love, connect, and help your children become the very best version they can be.  

This magic moment came 5 years…that’s right…5 years after he decided to take The Path teaching us all that one must trust the process by focusing on the things that matter most.

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