Ep. 29: Redemption and Rebirth with Bobby Baldwin

Cole is joined by Bobby Baldwin to share his story of redemption and rebirth today. Bobby wasn’t raised under the easiest circumstances, which led him to battle addiction throughout his young life. Despite the adversity he faced, Bobby was able to realize that life is happening for him, not to him, and change his life for the better.

On this episode of School of Man:

  • Bobby’s background story and what influenced him at a young age.
  • The role Bobby took with his brother as they grew up.
  • How being exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age influenced him.
  • Why his mom ended up in prison and what happened when she got out.
  • When Bobby became interested in drugs.
  • What Bobby wants to get out of speaking during this episode.
  • The high school experience Bobby had that got him in trouble.
  • The resentments he built up towards his mother.
  • Why Bobby kicked his partner and daughter out of the house.
  • What led him to getting charged with a federal offense.
  • The experience that changed his relationship with God.
  • What kept Bobby going when he was in prison.
  • How he felt going from being in custody to into recovery.
  • Why Bobby felt destined for prison at a young age.
  • What happened when Bobby started trying to identify his trauma.
  • The pivotal moment that led him to start believing in himself.
  • The first job Bobby got when he moved to outpatient care.
  • The plan he and his best friend made to level up
  • How small affirmations supported his increase in confidence.
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