The Crucible



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Unlock Your Inner Warrior

Designed to test a Man’s “WHY” and “Brotherhood skillset,” The Crucible will test every fiber of your being, helping you forge mental toughness, emotional resilience, and find out what type of brotherhood you posses.

This 50+ hour training event is nothing short of a spiritual journey.

The Crucible is not for everyone and requires a deep “WHY” to make it all the way to the end.You have 4 Levels to choose from when participating in the Crucible:

Phase 1:   4 hours – $97
Phase 2:   14 hours – $297
Phase 3:   24 hours – $497
Phase 4:   50+ hours – Currently Unavailable

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Level 1: 4 Hours, Level 2: 14 Hours, Level 3: 24 Hours, Level 4: 50+ Hours


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