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Dear Friend,

Since most of the websites you visit need something from you…

Let me say I don’t need any money from you.

I don’t need anything at all from you.

What I would like, however, is your success story of ‘Stepping into Your Full Power as a Man.’

Cole Rodgers School of Man Founder
And that is what this unusual message on this webpage is about.

I’m not looking to you for “likes”…

And I don’t need your “follows” or your support.

You’ve never met someone like me before… and… you’ve definitely never read a message like this in your life.

I’m offering you a chance to ‘win something back’ most men don’t even know has ‘been taken from them.’

But this is not for every man…

Flat out, most men are not ready for what I’m about to reveal here.

I’m not looking for buyers – I’m looking for men who are willing to be DOers.

Either way…

I know you’ll feel very happy to read this message because it has to do with you… and every man in the world.

The Love of My Life

I met my future wife.
We fell head over heels in love.
We had two children.
Now fast forward 10 years…
We have a gorgeous house…
Two wonderful children…
I have three businesses…
The reality of what I thought I had been building – was about to crumble.

The Dark Side of Success

Everyone around me could see I was the success I always wanted to be.

That was what the world could see on the outside.

On the inside…

Behind closed doors, in my home…

My life was crumbling.

Inside, I was dying by the day.

Back then I didn’t know what the zombie apocalypse was… but my eyes clouded over by the day.

My trance… my sleeping on my feet was how I lived.

I was addicted to pills.

The pills were to keep me focused and running 100 mph a day. I had to keep the ship afloat!

My wife was threatening to divorce me – FOR THE THIRD TIME!

Our beautiful children were growing up fast – I hardly knew them… they barely saw me…

I was working so hard to be a success…

But money was so tight we didn’t even know if we could pay the mortgage month to month.

My life had become “the success I always dreamed of” but I never understood what I was truly asking for.

I was dead inside.

My heart stopped feeling.

I was a zombie inside… numb.

This was NOT what I wanted.

But I was too far committed to not keep going.

I had to keep going…

Mouths had to be fed… the mortgage paid… and…

The shame of losing a house, marriage and everything I worked for – was waking me up at 3:00 am in the morning.

I couldn’t rest… I could barely sleep…

I was so damn tired but I couldn’t stop.

I had to keep going.

Here I am working my Battle Guide – this cleans the slate of overwhelm and gives daily breakthroughs in productivity and deep focus

The Accidental Miracle

“As a man there was something very primal I was missing. This was not how men had lived for centuries.”

For over a year I read every book…

Paid for expensive coaching… counseling… and even went to a ‘transformative walk over coals event.’

Every drop of insight helped.

But I was treading water.

I was gasping for breath.

I kept learning what I thought was going to feel good.

The gurus all told me what I wanted to hear… but I felt dead inside despite the effort and continual insights.

One day I had a thought…

“As a man there was something very primal I was missing. This was not how men had lived for centuries.”

Zombie living was not how our grandpas won WWII… beat the Nazi’s… won independence from the Brits… Or evolved from apes in tribes to become dominant hunters and apex predators to all.

When a man finally exhausts all of his power…

Once his ego gets the final crushing blow and EVERYTHING SEEMS LOST…

In that moment…

I had a kind of discovery.

Here’s what it was…

While I had been obsessed with learning what I had to do, I remembered something inside me.

From my heart, a glow of insight washed over my body.

Now this is not a woo-woo message… so please understand… this insight felt amazing.

Compared to the near death spiritual state I had been living in… I knew I had ‘woken up.’

The life I had been trying to live… the identity I had been trying to force on the world became clear as a mountain lake.

The moment I dropped into my heart… I felt a new type of clear – primal – and surrounding power begin to fill my life.

New Life Begins

The concrete around my heart had cracked and fell away.

Insights and clarity to my deepest “why”… my purpose – The Mission I Was Put Onto This Earth For – now made sense.

But the mission wasn’t at all like what I thought it would be.

All the self help books… seminars… you know… the sweet language a guy hears these days is ALL missing the mark.

Sure, there are grains of truth.

But the WHOLE TRUTH for men is different from the messages being promoted in popular culture. Even the church circuit I hate to say, which has not served all men well.

For a guy who has been trying to do all the things you know your supposed to do…

The counselors… coaches… reading the books… going to “spiritual group meetings”… the seminars… eating keto… paleo… taking testosterone supplements from a doctor… working out… buying shit non-stop…

All that stuff is about 90% of the answer.

But the final connecting circuit is a combination of two things.

Without these two things – the circuit will NEVER be closed.

The “whole truth” can never be seen or FELT in the belly. The fire in the belly which begins to glow again – changes everything!

Other Men Start to Find The Fire Too

For some of the guys who have been through this process with me now – they say the “fire in the belly” they begin to feel is the first time in their whole life.

Other men had the peace in their heart… the fire in the gut… and the full circle “connection to power” as kids. Especially if they were with high performance sports team. But somewhere along the road to manhood, the fire was put out.

They got lost.

Two Things Men Need to Become Fully Alive

The answer I found for men to reconnect to what has been lost is simple – but not easy to do.

If I could “just give you the feeling in your heart” from a book I would.

If I could throw up some Youtube videos and drop science from Facebook posts for men I would.

If there was a simple test of manhood like being lowered into a pit with fire-ants for 20 mins and “Voila!” Fire in the gut… It would be easier.

But this is the same scratching the surface non-sense that I was using…and it was getting me nowhere.

In fact, the more I consumed, the more of a zombie… the more dead inside I became.

What I can tell you is men need to two things to wake up.

“To do hard things”


“Accountability with a group of men who are on the path.”

Simple! Just like I told you… But not easy.

Here’s why…

Warriors Way

The problem men find when they begin to wake up to the primal power within is you can access it in a lot of ways.

For example, I have a cadre of Navy SEALS I work with and still conduct breakthrough trainings with our group.

You instantly see these men are warriors.

The moment they enter a room, everyone can see these SEALS are different from most men.

Now, It’s easy to look different from the average guy these days.

And SEALS look different because of how they train.

Take the average guy.

The average guy is sitting on the couch, goes to the bar for drinks and apps and needs to lose 20 – 30 lbs for his doctor to just say “thats a good start Bob.”

So to stand out in a crowd of men who are pre-diabetic and get their exercise jerking off to photoshopped models on the internet – is not a high hurdle to clear.

But when you can enter a room full of men who play all out.

When your in a room with men who know what it is to sweat blood under a bar, take bone crushing hits on the field, or walk hard even around predators on mean streets…

When you can enter a room and make even hard men take notice and gravitate towards you like they are in the first day of kindergarten, sitting at the teachers feet…

Now you get an idea of how the cadre of SEAL Instructors we work with are seen when they come in a room.

But “doing hard things” like I mentioned above…

Is NOT just about getting jacked like SEALS… firing guns at terrorists in a gun-fight… or surviving near death confrontations.

I admire the SEALS. But did you know they have WELL-OVER a 60% divorce rate in the Teams?

So unless you live in a cell in prison…

Just getting jacked and connecting to primal power through physical exertion is not everything.

The Transformation

To truly wake up, experience your primal power… and transform your life on ALL Levels…

A man needs to find the answer in his heart.

Once he connects with the answer, then HAVE that decisive, power filled way of life – he needs one more piece.


Because doing hard things wakes up primal manhood.

But just doing hard things makes a man’s life – just hard.

For example, I began working out and did SEAL Fit.

I completed Kokorro in San Diego.

Most men who attempt that challenge fail.

You do the workouts you get the results – in all parts of your life
So I was in great shape.

But as most men know… just having a lot of money… or being super successful in business means dic if you’re only going to wake up one day 20 years from now and see your kids won’t talk to you… and the relationship with your wife is colder than an ice fishing trip to Minnesota in January.

For a man to be complete…

There is a fullness that happens when the concrete of his heart falls away.

He can still be SEAL hard…

But when fully awake he will also…

Feel spiritually humble. Like a kid, he will once again be surprised by miracles everyday around him…

He will be able to fully love the woman of his dreams… or attract her because he’s connected to his ‘inner alpha male.’ She will in turn have this blanket of strength and security and will be seeing the man of her dreams as she stares at you.

He will be able to finally be present to his children…

He will Inspire other men into action – which is what great leadership is. Most people think leadership is about forcing others to do your will… but the best leaders inspire action via the example they put out.

He will become financially balanced and even achieve baller status of bank account if he sets his heart on this.

The transformation is this:

Men who have gone through this process can finally have a goal or a dream – and DO IT.

You connect with a confidence which our primal great great great grandpa had which allowed him to stare down all threats to survival – and still persist in strength.

That’s not EASY to do… by the way.

Like I was saying…

Men must do hard things to wake the force primal man accessed before.

So this isn’t just visualizing… or making “dream boards” or talking positively after you do a hard workout.

A man Fully awake and connected to primal power will kill it in training and the boardroom. he is present to his family and is seen as a leader by all who know him.

wake up the primal man in you

The Brotherhood was designed to help men transform into the primal apex predators they are by birthright… while being giving… generous… heart rich men who part the waters with their example.

The Transformation

So over three years ago after my life did a 180 degree turn… I got together with two other men and started the School of Man.

We started this to help men reconnect to the primal power we know in our heart… but most men these days will never reconnect with.

If you’re reading these words, you know in your gut there’s truth to what I’m saying.

You know its “out there.”

You’ve seen it in other men from time to time.

You’ve probably felt moments of this power and clarity at times as well.

Maybe it was when you were playing sports or when you owned a presentation in business.

But it was probably fleeting.

If you sensed it in another man it probably left you scratching your head how that man could do what he did.

Well, for over three years and now with over 100 men who have successfully completed our “Brotherhood Program” we have found quite a few ways to wake up the primal man in us.

We now have developed a simple system to chip away at the concrete around a man’s heart while also getting him ‘ready for war.’

We are very good at getting men winning on the home-front – and winning on the battle field.

I myself went from insomnia over finances and my “false self life” to over 1 million dollars in personal income at the age of 34.

Now, I make more than top cardiologists each year.

I don’t say this to brag.

This is just a measurement of what it can mean to a guy when he “un-fucks his thinking” and gets focused like we do in the School of Man.

Other men in the brotherhood have saved their marriages…

Connected with their children…

Raised the roof on their testosterone without meds…

Overcome diabetes…

Become authentic leaders in business, communities and their families.

Men have lost over 50 pounds of flab, even when nothing in their life could get them to workout before the School of Man.

All of this simply came from applying what we share in the Brotherhood and now for you here in The University..

My marriage is better now than it has ever been.

My children and I are closer and have time to do things now because I am in control of my schedule and businesses. (I work on the businesses… rather than in the businesses like I used to when I was out of control.)

Physically, I wake up at 3:45 am everyday and train with the Brotherhood.

I am in better shape now than I ever was in my teens, twenties or mid thirties.

Some of the older guys in the Brotherhood are in their 50’s and 60’s.

You can hear from reports of waking up in the morning, feeling like they’re 17 again. This is a life changing experience for any man – especially one past the mark of 50 years of age.

The Brotherhood was designed to help men transform into the primal apex predators they are by birthright… while being giving… generous… heart rich men who part the waters with their example.

In fact, building men who are true heroic leaders is needed now more than ever.

If we don’t get more men who actually walk the walk like our grand dads and men before him did – who are our children going to follow?

Who Will Our Children Choose to Look up to?

The zombies seem to be winning the hearts and minds of our kids.

"We can't let that happen!"

The Brotherhood was a counter-attack to this war on the culture of man and all that is good.

the problem

As soon as word got out about the Brotherhood, men started seeking me out.

Women would tell their husbands to come find me so I could fix them.

As days and weeks went by… with each new year and new graduating class of The Brotherhood in the School of Man, more men would knock.

But here’s the reality.

A lot of men would love to be rich like Bezos… or badass like the SEALS who help build the programming we do.

To even be accepted into the Brotherhood we have a very stringent process.

You must interview with myself and two other instructors.

You must physically have your shit together.

And you must have a drive to be a part of this group strong enough to drag your body out of bed at 345 each day.

There are a lot of men who want it – but most men do not have the time or “have woken up the fire in the belly enough yet” to make the cut for the Brotherhood (yet).

Its also very expensive.

Unlike most executive transformation programs, you can’t buy your way into the Brotherhood.

I have refunded money men have thrown at me when we discovered we couldn’t serve him as he needed in the Brotherhood. Also, if a man doesn’t follow through as promised on guidelines, we have let men go.

Our standards are very high in the Brotherhood.

Like I told you… just like the SEALS… the training for the Brotherhood is mind-shifting hard and gives 20x returns – but requires a lot of “fire in the gut.”


The School of Man University

Seeing many men who wanted to be a part of the Brotherhood but didn’t have the time or ability to dedicate HUGE amounts of focus to be with us…

We found the next best solution.

We took all of the principles and best practices which caused transformation for over 100 men – and built a self-paced private accountability group.

See, its the synergy of men being accountable to men which moves the needle fast in The Brotherhood.

It is talking with men and being honestly pushed by other men in a mutual spirit of getting better which causes the results we see in The Brotherhood.

Men who join The Brotherhood… or Now… The School of Man University…

Join, not because they are weak… but because they understand you grow stronger with others who are strong and growing.

Even in primal hunter gatherer tribes on the plains of Africa… if a member of the tribe couldn’t keep up with the tribe, they left them to die where they sat.

We don’t leave men behind in The School of Man.

In fact, we are going to force you to succeed if you have the will to take up the challenge.

But we can’t carry you.

We train you to get hard, then to connect with the fire-within… then to inspire others through what you’ve accomplished.

Since we are a group moving to a common purpose, we want the best for everyone involved.

A rising tide raises all ships, right?


What You Get Every Month

Daily Training Regimen

These are workouts I do and meant for guys already with a base of training build up.

Basic Training Program

Not in shape yet? Here’s a 6-week shock wave for your body which is built to give you results at home fast and secure.

Monthly Zoom Call

Here is where we meet as a brotherhood and go to the next level. Topics include money secrets from 7 – figure ballers, ultra productivity, SEAL Fitness and mental toughness, How to be a better leader in family and in business. This is straight talk and insider access to high level information.

Movement Library

Think of this as the Library of Congress for badass physical training. You can watch videos and see proper form so you know you’re doing it right – from the privacy of your home.

Yoga Library

Once you train hard, this is how you unwind your mind and tight muscles. Injury proof your body. If you’ve seen powerlifters who can’t put on their own shoes – its cause they haven’t used this library of decompression techniques to loosen up.

Private Trainings

Here is where we do member only deep training. When we have one of our SEAL Cadre of instructors speak of a high level skill which simply can’t be offered up to the general public, this is the only way to hear it.

Preferred Brotherhood Application

This is the program where men join a community of achievers and undergo extensive mindset, financial, physical and leadership transformation. You must apply to this program and people from The U are the only ones who can apply.

Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook Group is a benefit for existing members where team building, friendships and mentorship takes place. This is a positive atmosphere where men can ask questions and get feedback from other high achievers. WARNING this is not a politically correct group. Everyone is respectful but if you are easily offended by straight talk this is NOT for you.

So to sum this up…

If you are still reading this, then you know in your heart and mind you on some level could benefit from this.

I don’t need your money.

I could easily charge $97.00 a month or more for the success energy and information you’re going to feast on every month with us.

That’s why since we are getting this buzzing… and I truly want to impact as many men as possible, the price to get in is ridiculously low.

But I do have very strict requirements.

I’ve gotten the question before – “So if you want to make a difference and help men… why don’t you make it free?”

Well, I have tried out of desperation to help men and woman for free with one of my businesses which happens to be a high performance training facility.

But despite crocodile tears of desperation… begging me to help restore their health… lose 100 lbs or they will die… overcome diabetes or get a boner again in the morning “Cause I can’t go on living like this anymore Cole!”

Despite extreme desperation…

Men know things don’t get real until there’s money on the table.

Plus… by me charging, even this nominal amount – it keeps knuckleheads out.

We are EXTREMELY selective about the men we select for The Brotherhood.

And what we require for the Private Accountability Group in The School of Man University is respect.

We are together in a spirit of brotherhood.

We grow through honest talk, information and accountability to men we like and trust.

So chest beating… or the usual positioning or “teaching everyone how much you know” like you tend to see in a lot of Facebook groups – doesn’t fly in the School of Man.

No amount of money you give – can ‘buy yourself’ into the School of Man.

This is not a VIP parking spot for your private jet at Davos.

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