Here’s What You’ll Get Every Month


Daily Training Regimen

These are workouts I do and meant for guys already with a base of training build up.


Basic Training Program

Not in shape yet? Here’s a 6-week shock wave for your body which is built to give you results at home fast and secure.


Monthly Zoom Call

Here is where we meet as a brotherhood and go to the next level.  Topics include money secrets from 7 – figure ballers, ultra productivity, SEAL Fitness and mental toughness, How to be a better leader in family and in business.  This is straight talk and insider access to high level information.


Movement Library

Think of this as the Library of Congress for badass physical training.  You can watch videos and see proper form so you know you’re doing it right – from the privacy of your home.


Yoga Library

Once you train hard, this is how you unwind your mind and tight muscles.  Injury proof your body.  If you’ve seen powerlifters who can’t put on their own shoes – its cause they haven’t used this library of decompression techniques to loosen up.


Private Trainings

Here is where we do member only deep training.  When we have one of our SEAL Cadre of instructors speak of a high level skill which simply can’t be offered up to the general public, this is the only way to hear it.


Preferred Brotherhood Application

This is the program where men join a community of achievers and undergo extensive mindset, financial, physical and leadership transformation.  You must apply to this program and people from The U are the only ones who can apply.


Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook Group is a benefit for existing members where team building, friendships and mentorship takes place. This is a positive atmosphere where men can ask questions and get feedback from other high achievers. WARNING this is not a politically correct group. Everyone is respectful but if you are easily offended by straight talk this is NOT for you.

This training has one purpose: to make your mind quiet so you can think and act with more clarity. Most people have a “Monkey Mind.” The more chaotic a mind - the harder it is to do everything in life. The quieter your mind, the more clearly you can see what you need to do or say to hit your most important targets. The clearer you think, the more targets you can take out on your list. I'm gonna be sharing my best strategy for how I drop into a state of supreme calm - on demand. You'll learn the “Sniper Breath Pattern." I was personally taught this by one of the most legendary SEAL Snipers you’ve never heard of. And I'll give you my “Sniper Breath Pattern" guided meditation. If you're serious about getting results and leveling up your power and mental clarity as a man, this is a no-brainer.My goal is to get you to the point where you can clear your mind with 2 - 3 Sniper Breaths anywhere and under any condition of stress. If SEAL Snipers can do it in the heat of battle - you can do it under the most hideous civilian stress with time and practice. Sidenote: THIS IS A BRAND NEW TRAINING. It is not anything I've ever publicly taught before. This one breath practice changed my life. I’ve taught men this method at our Tactical Academy and in the year long School of Man Brotherhood only.

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