Results Academy

Transform Your Body, Being, and Life!

6-Week Results Academy
Starts April 15th

1020 East Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202


Team accountability to help you close the gap between your dreams and reality. You want to lose weight? We got you. You want to develop a winning mindset? Easy Day. You will get the guidance and support you need to remove the guesswork, stop drifting, and start living.


You get a team of warriors who want to see you succeed at the highest level. Follow our proven nutrition system, habit building formulas, fat burning workouts, and we guarantee results that will last a lifetime.


You will receive an integrated training package. Why is this important? When men are fully integrated in mind, body, and spirit, you become unconquerable so expect extra material via our heralded Warrior Box(™) to help you take your life to the next level.

Success Stories

Simply put – the SoM produces the results you have been longing for.

As long as you come with the hunger emotion and drive to see results, we guarantee your success through the resources we have developed helping men across the country level up.

The SOM Results workouts are team- based, which will build connectedness and strength. Before you know it, you will be looking healthier and feeling fitter.

There is not a program around that can showcase the results in mind, body, and spirit like us. With countless documented success testimonies, the proof is in the people.

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Still not enough for you?
Here is how the SoM Results Program works:

Team Building

You will attend a kick off/weigh in party the week before the program begins. This is designed to draw you closer to your teammates who you will be going to battle with.


Upon being accepted you will receive a Warrior Box (™) that will include your book for the month and a piece of gear. This book will be required read during your time in the Results Academy.


30 workouts in 6 weeks :

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 5:00 AM are required
  • Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:30 AM are optional

You must check-in on social media every day you are in the program.

Great Coaching

Workouts will be lead by SoM Class 004 Graduate and Results Coach, Bruce Baker. Bruce understands what it takes to make it through the SoM and loves nothing more than paying it forward. 

Combined with his 30 years of experience in helping men transform their lives and his love for fitness you can expect only but the best from him.


How does this work?
Schedule an appointment with an SoM Results Coach.  From there they will discuss in detail with you about the program.  If you feel this is something you would like to pursue, schedule an in-person assessment with your Results Coach. You will be guided through a series of movements and then develop your goals based on your desired outcome.
Do I have to be in great shape to do this program?
This program is for those guys who are in a “beginners” phase when it comes to training.  Whether you are looking to get out of the drift, jumpstart your health, or something different, then we have you covered.
Are there a limited number of spots?
Yes.  We only grant 30 spots per Academy.  This keeps the brotherhood and accountability strong as you travel through the program together.
What is the cost and what do I receive in return?
For the 6-week program you will pay $497 by your kick-off party.  That breaks down to ONLY $16.57 per class. In return, you will receive the following:

  • Access to our heralded Team Room that gives you instant access to unlocking your 10x potential through mind, body, and spirit training.
  • Warrior Box with your book of the month, e-guide of the month, and t-shirt.  
  • Habit building nutrition platform through Precision Nutrition.
  • Challenge coin once you complete the program.
  • And so much more.

You will be required to put down a 20% deposit and pay the $497 in full before the session begins.

What happens after the six-weeks are over?
You and your team will conquer a Crucible challenge and after the challenge you will earn your SoM Results Academy Challenge Coin.  You then have a couple of choices:

  1. You can sign up to become a member of the gym in which the program is being hosted in.
  2. You can sign up for the Team Room and any other lifestyle training program we have to offer (Unbeatable Year comes to mind! Goal setting and Ethos development).
  3. You can sign up for the SoM PREP Academy which will get you ready for the Brotherhood and if accepted take the journey that so many men have taken which changed their life.
  4. OR you can go back to old ways (you don’t want that!).
Are there refunds?
There are no refunds.
Where is it located?
1020 East Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202

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