How to 10x all areas of your Manhood and achieve the brotherhood you have been longing for.

Remember high school football, basketball, or any other team sport you were apart of? Sadly, so many guys get out of HS and college, they enter the world and they lose the “team” atmosphere. SoM Brotherhood is a great place to get plugged back into the team environment.

Being apart of a team is what all men long for, but also being coached to elite levels is too.

Who is coaching you now? Who is your team? If your answer is no one and I don’t have a team, then join ours.

This program is for you if…….

You are ready for a change and want to start out on a new journey that will help you discover who you were destined to be as a Man.

You want to be a well-balanced Man and achieve peak performance physically, mentally, emotionally, ultimately leading you to find your Warrior Spirit.

You are looking for extreme accountability, teammates, and a brotherhood of men who only want to see you succeed at the highest level and help you become a higher-standard of Man.

You want to find out WHY you were created and have an impact on lives by leaving a legacy for others to follow.

You are looking to test yourself like you never have been tested before and aspire to be the Man you were created to be.

Insert SoM Brotherhood – An Up To 24 Week Journey That Guarantees Results

Upon applying and being accepted into the Brotherhood you will be placed into a pipeline that has proven to work on every Man. The formula created by the SoM was specifically designed to help Man 10x what we call his 5 mountains: Body, Mind, Emotion, Intuition, and Warrior Spirit.

You will be placed in a Class along with your fellow teammates and will travel through a training program leading you to earn your Phoenix – the official SoM crest which stands for rebirth.

Each month you will earn your Warrior Box by completing the physical, mental, and emotional training that is placed in front of you. Failure to do so or violate the Standards is grounds for determination.

Expect to receive the following once entering into the SoM:

  • Physical Training Program that will enhance your performance in all areas. Our programming is designed to help you gain endurance, stamina, strength and develop an unbeatable mind by training like the Warrior you were meant to be.
  • Nutrition coaching. With our proprietary nutrition program, you will receive a platform that will help you develop the keystone habits it takes to take control of your fueling.
  • Team Zoom calls along with a bi-weekly Results Coaching call to help you stay on track with your team and your goals.
  • Private Slack page to stay in touch with your teammates.
  • Optional Performance Camps that focus on goal setting, ethos development, and more.
  • Access to the SoM Team Room where you gain access to a library of material on mindset development, physical training, and more.
  • And more.


Ed “Hounddog” Green, Roster #5

Jeff “El Jefe” Powell, Roster #2

Zack “Doc” Cox, Roster #3

Tyler “Duke” Rodgers, Roster #6

Jon “Titan” Kennon, Roster #8

The Crucible

Upon entering the SoM you will be required to sign a commitment letter to not the program but more importantly yourself. Violating this commitment by being a lower standard of Man means immediate termination.

Upon completing the program and the curriculum you will then come to HQ to earn your Phoenix with your brothers. The Crucible is a 2 ½ day event designed to help you truly rediscover yourself and bring you closer to your WHY. This event is ran by active duty and retired Navy SEALs, Green Beret, along with Army and Marine Combat Veterans. Their job is not to get you to quit but to test you against yourself. The event is powerful beyond belief and is something we recommend bringing your family to so they can also celebrate in the huge accomplishment once you earn your Phoenix.

Servant Leadership – What happens after The Crucible

When you graduate you will be given the option to be apart of the SoM Grad Program. We highly encourage this path because as we have experienced Man’s hunger for growth never ends.  The Crucible helps Man to continue his training and live his life to the fullest.

SoM Pricing Details

SoM Virtual (outside a 30-mile radius from SoM HQ):

  • $197 / month: Unlimited access to SoM Community workouts ($500+ value), six warrior boxes ($900+ value), free SoM-Performance Academy entry fee ($1,000+ value), weekly calls with a Results Coach ($2,000+ value), a 50% discount for Crucible Entry fee ($1,000+ value) and more.


  • Option 1 – $227 / month: Unlimited access to SoM Community and live coaching ($1000+ value), six warrior boxes ($900+ value), unlimited access to Aquatic Center ($250+ value), 2x per month at Barefoot Yoga ($250+ value), weekly meetings with a Results Coach ($2,000+ value), free SoM Performance Academy ($1,000+ value), a 50% discount for Crucible entry fee ($1,000+ value) and more.
  • Option 2 – $257 / month: Option 1  benefits, with 10 visit punch card with Above and Beyond CrossFit ($600+ value)
  • Option 3 – $297 / month: Option 2 benefits, with unlimited access to Above and Beyond CrossFit ($1000+ value)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

SoM Prep Academy/SoM Selection: June 10th, 2019 and July 15th, 2019

SoM Brotherhood 005: July 1st, 2019

What does the program cost?

SoM Virtual (outside a 30-mile radius from SoM HQ):

  • $197 / month *


  • Option 1 – $227 / month *
  • Option 2 – $257 / month *
  • Option 3 – $297 / month *

* Click HERE for further details

What if I can’t afford the program?

You can afford the program, it all starts with mindset.  You will be placed in the Teach-A-Man To Fish program which will teach you how to earn your way through the SoM.  Please contact SoM Personnel for more information via 501-516-8766.

What is the time commitment?

If you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life.  The program consists of:

  • 3 training days per week
  • 1 book per month
  • 1 e-guide per month
  • 1 eq per month

It was designed for you to succeed and there are eligible waivers that apply.

What are eligible waivers?

Here are eligible waivers: illness/injury, vacation, work obligations, family obligations.

What you will gain by joining the SoM Brotherhood

Be apart of a Team that helps you be elite on all levels.

The Men of the SoM are your brothers and want to see you succeed at the highest level. We as Men gain strength from one-another and life should not be fought alone.  As the famous quote goes, “Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.”

Discover your true self and live a life of purpose creating a lasting impact on the world.

Focus on developing an abundance mindset, living a life of gratitude, and defining your life by WHY you were created vs. WHAT you do for a living.

Consistently design and live a life you have always wanted rather than just dreaming what is possible.

Learn what it means to invest your time in things that bring you fulfillment and truly embrace the mindset of being able to achieve what you want out of life.

Eradicate self-doubt and crush your inner narrator.

Download the skills and mindset to help you overcome obstacles you thought were once impossible and learn how to consistently apply these techniques daily so you can see yourself succeed on all levels.

Become a Warrior Athlete

Be the guy that everyone looks too when it comes to training. The guy who gains respect by pushing himself to the limit and inspiring everyone in his pursuit of greatness.

Be the Man your Woman dreams of at night but gets to wake up to in the morning

Your Woman wants a Man to love her and lead her and in return, she wants to support you and lift you up.

Join a true brotherhood

The SoM is all about authentic manhood development.  That requires accountability, feeding you the truth when you don’t necessarily want to hear it, and having your six when life throws adversity your way.


$197 per month* for SoM Brother Virtual

Starting at $227 per month* at SoM HQ

* Minimum 6-month commitment.  Scholarships are available through our Teach-A-Man To Fish Program.

Please apply and an SoM Representative will discuss with you.