The School of Man is a 12-month all-encompassing program that covers all the levels of Man: Body, Mind, Emotion, Intuition, and Warrior Spirit. You will be pushed, pulled, and twisted inside and out, but with good reason. Our job is to help you be a higher standard of Man and hone in on your WHY. At the end of the 6th month you will be placed into The Crucible (Phase 1 and 2 is required which equates to 14 hours) with your fellow brothers and will go through a 60-hour non-stop event ran by members of the Spec-Op's Community earning yourself the Phoenix. Upon graduating you will be placed into a Mentor role and will be responsible for Class 004 in which will be an additional 6 months of training within our Grad Program.

With a proven formula, the SoM guarantees Man true growth only if Man is hungry. Covering topics that range from brotherhood, relationships, if there is a God, sex, parenting, and more, Man can feel at home knowing that he will not be judged, but only looked at as a true Warrior because at the SoM iron sharpens iron.

We must warn you this is for every Man but not every Man is ready for it. We will NOT except every Man into the SoM.

WHY? Because only the hungry will truly benefit from the formula we have perfected and wannabe's are not welcomed.

As a result, this is a 3-step process:

Step 1: The application process. This is the easy you think (nothing good ever comes easy). You will have to answer a series of questions strategically designed to open your heart and let us look inside. In the event you struggle with this, don't worry, most Men do and you are not special. However, we ask you to pour your heart on the line. These references can not be related to you. We recommend you choose someone in your life in which you have had impact.

Step 2: After reviewing your information you will then be interviewed in-person, on Zoom, or one-on-one. We are looking for Men who truly want to change their lives and change the world. We have developed the intuition to know if this is not right for you. No hard feelings and if not chosen we do have another program we would recommend completing before stepping into the brotherhood.

Step 3: SoM Prep Academy into Selection. Once an invitation is extended we will then ask you to be apart of the 6-week work-up called SoM Prep and then through Selection. SoM Prep is to help prepare you for the physical, mental, and emotional training in the SoM and Selection is to see if you truly want it.

If chosen you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement. In the event you violate these agreements we will take legal action on behalf of the brother whose identity you might have revealed or story shared without permission, along in the benefit of the SoM. We take this very seriously and so should you.

Good luck Warrior. You were created for a reason and you must find your WHY to truly leave a legacy of impact. A 3,000 mile journey always starts with the first step.

-Your SoM Brothers


SoM Prep 005

  • Include if you are prior service.