the Crucible

Unlock Your Inner Warrior!

The Crucible is a spiritual journey that begins at 0600 Day 1 and ends at 1200 Day Three.  

For 50+ hours you will be pushed beyond your limits, be reborn, and connect with your truest self.


The program originated after the SoM was initially launched.  As 10 men took up the cause to develop the SoM they wanted to host a graduation that tested their brotherhood which took each man on a spiritual journey helping him ignite the warrior from within.  And they succeeded.

Success Stories

How It Works

Now that two classes have graduated, for the first time the SoM is granting men an opportunity to test their WHY in what is quickly being known as the toughest training program on the planet.

Designed to test a Man’s “WHY” and “Brotherhood skillset,” The Crucible will test every fiber of your being, helping you forge mental toughness, emotional resilience, and find out what type of brotherhood you posses.

This 50+ hour training event is nothing short of a spiritual journey.  The Crucible is not for everyone and requires a deep “WHY” to make it all the way to the end.

You have 4 Levels to choose from when participating in the Crucible:

  • Phase 1:   4 hours – $297
  • Phase 2:   14 hours – $597
  • Phase 3:   24 hours – $797
  • Phase 4:   50+ hours – $997

In order to pass Phase 1 you must complete the following to standard:

Physical Fitness Test

    • 10 strict pull-ups – 2 minutes
    • 50 push-ups – 2 minutes
    • 50 air-squats – 2 minutes
    • 50 sit-ups – 2 minutes
    • 30 burpees – 2 minutes
    • 1 mile run in < 10 minutes with boots and pants

Murph - 75 minutes (no vest)

    • 1 mile run
    • 100 strict pull-ups
    • 200 push-ups

If you pass Phase 1, you have to complete Phase 2 in order to move one which will require

  • 2,000m swim in under 60 minutes – stroke of your choice
  • 25m underwater swim without coming up for air
  • 5 mile ruck with 50lbs in under an 1.5 hours

Upon passing both phases you are eligible to move through the remainder of the event.  It is imperative to note that chaos and the element of surprise is always in play.

Each level completed you will receive a commemorative patch and if you make it through all four levels you will receive the following:

  • SoM Challenge Coin
  • Certificate of Completion
  • SoM Crucible Swag
  • Free Access to the Team Room for Life


When is the event held?

The first weekend of May and the first weekend of November.

Where is the event located?

This program is for those guys who are in a “beginners” phase when it comes to training.  Whether you are looking to get out of the drift, jumpstart your health, or something different, then we have you covered.

How should I train?

We recommend you join the Team Room and purchase the 6-month Crucible Preparedness Programming. In addition, we recommend you focus on completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 before attempting the full event.

What is the price?

Phase 1: $250
Phase 2: $500
Phase 3: $750
Phase 4: $1,000
Purchases are non-refundable, however you will receive credit towards a future with a 20% transfer fee to an event of your choosing. If you purchase Phase 2 you do not pay in an additional cost for Phase One. However, if during the event you decide to progress then you will be charged the difference for each subsequent level (Example you move from Phase 2 to Phase 3 then your card will be charged an additional $250).

What gear is required?

Gear list can be found here. You will have to purchase your Crucible attire here.

    What about pre-existing conditions?
    There are no refunds.
    What about Travel and Lodging Accommodations?
    SoM HQ
    1020 East Capitol Avenue
    Little Rock, AR 72202
    Can I bring a GoPro?


    Are spectators are welcome?

    Yes.  There is a scheduled published on our Facebook page for those who are interested in seeing you go through the suck.

    Do we get a chance to contact loved ones?

    Yes.  Periodic breaks are given specifically to call family.

    Is there medical staff for the event?

    Yes.  Each shift has medical personnel attached to it and we have a medical director overseeing the event at all times.

    Still Have Questions?  Send Us a Message.