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Battle Guide Challenge

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Announcing a Brute Force Way of Getting All Your Goals…

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Battle Guide Challenge

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I want to give you a printed and bound Battle Guide… But there is one catch… you must complete a challenge starting a week from today. This is a challenge near anyone can do, but will cause you to activate your “sleeping-performance-self” to succeed.


July 22, 2020
Little Rock Arkansas

Dear Friend,

Have you started using your Battle Guide yet?

Would you like a FREE bound and printed copy of the Battle Guide?

Then starting on August 1st, join me in EARNING a Battle Guide.

I have never sold the Battle Guide before.

The only way you could get a printed copy was to pay over $2,000 to join the Brotherhood.
Even then, you had to pass a ball busting challenge to “earn your copy” as a part of The Brotherhood.

Well, here is a limited experiment and a way you can earn a copy for free, without being part of the Brotherhood.


Blowing Up My Email!

Many men have written me to say two things:

  1. The Battle Guide is awesome and their high value targets are being taken out in increasing number.
  2. The Battle Guide is a pain in the ass to print off, keep organized and carry around so it actually gets done.


I can’t force anyone to do the Battle Guide.

For many men, this planning system finally helped them do twice as much in half the time.

Personally, the Battle Guide was created by me to increase my income. At the time I put the Battle Guide together, we did not know from month to month how we would pay the mortgage.

I also wanted to save my marriage. We were on the brink of divorce – for the third time!

Because I was so busy trying to just survive… I was literally working 16 hr days. My two children barely saw me… I felt us drifting like a boat going out to sea.

On top of those goals, I also wanted to use it to get in shape to complete SEALFit Kokorro. Over 80% of the people who attempt this… fail.
I wasn’t raised to be a failure.

And I was taught to have a work ethic that didn’t quit.

But I was drowning, while working myself to death trying to swim.

By actually APPLYING the Battle Guide though…

Here’s what happened:

  • I broke over 1 million dollars of personal income in one year two years ago. Because of the Battle Guide and other things we teach men here… I make more than a top cardiologist each year.
  • I completed Kokorro and have evolved my training system to serve over 500 men and top athletes helping them achieve world class fitness
  • My wife and I are more in love and connected than ever before. After ten years of marriage – we feel like a couple of newly weds – EVEN HAPPIER!
  • My children, who I had been growing away from now enjoy quality AND quantity time with me – this is awesome!


For me, as nice as it is to be in great shape, flex a nice car and a beautiful home money provides for…

My heart is full because of the love with my wife and children.

And the Battle Guide burned onto my mind… the mission of serving men find their WHY and win on all fronts with The School of Man.

You may be wondering…

Was it just the Battle Guide which caused all this?


But the Battle Guide is the foundational piece.

So if you’re thinking this is a silver bullet… its not just one thing.

The Battle Guide is big lever in my transformation though.

And, if I could do this over again and move the needle for myself even faster – here’s how I would do it.


My Challenge to You

One thing which ignites a fire in the belly for men is challenge and competition.

Now, let me get this out on the table – I’m doing all this so you can succeed…

So as you read these words, know this is all set up for you to succeed.

I’m going to help you kill the quit and light you up – by honestly busting your balls…

On August 1st I’m starting a 7 day challenge.

The successful completion of this challenge earns you a Battle Guide.

You will also emerge from this… look back and see you’ve succeeded in opening a new hunger and drive.

Now, I don’t sell these Battle Guides outright.

I have NEVER sold copies of this in the past.

Like an Army Green Beret – you can’t buy one… you have to earn it.


The Challenge Details

The details of the challenge are this.


You will have two components…

A teamwork challenge…

And a physical “kick in the ass” challenge.

If you successfully complete both – you win your guide.

You already have a FREE pdf copy… but if you want the printed one… you must complete the challenge.

The Challenge will take no more than an hour on a zoom call with me.

Then, you will have approximately 20 mins a day for 5 days…

And finally, you will have to set aside 60 minutes on the last day.

Do that and you complete the challenge.

You will see life differently after this challenge I sincerely believe.

Most men will feel an absolute sense of newfound confidence and honestly… a little swagger others will notice.


Why Are You Making Me Do a Physical Challenge to Earn a Paper Planner?

Because we’re the School of Man and our mission is to reawaken manhood and heroic leadership… not sell high performance planners.

I’m not in the business of paper here. I’m about returning men to a memory of primal power our ancestors walked this earth with.

There’s too much at stake in our country to be messing around anymore.

The Battle Guide Challenge is a way of waking old instincts up.

If you’re already driven, you’re going to get red-hot in the spirit of this uplifting competition.

I know you’re sincere about a different level of self-improvement or you wouldn’t even be reading this page… or be on my list.

Most men who train with us in the School of Man have tried everything and only got breakthroughs here, because nothing else had worked for them.

They had read all the books… taken all the seminars… done all the physical training… AND still felt less than alive and hungry inside.

They had not woken up the primal man within.

The Challenge is meant to CAUSE you to succeed, by confronting resistance.

Because of what I have planned for you…

I know this:

You WILL have doubts and want to drop out of the challenge.

The doubt will be from discomfort… MENTAL discomfort.

NOT dangerous physical pain.

So if a guy is thinking he isn’t in good enough shape yet, I would classify that as an excuse – because a guy can do this from his couch (but its going to be hard)

Anyone can literally do the physical part of the challenge I have in store for you.

In fact, I am going to custom build YOUR physical challenge so you can succeed.

This means if you’re thinking your not in shape yet to compete… This is set up WILL be safe… but challenging.

It is going to be mentally taxing.

To grow as a man in all areas… you need to continually drill into new areas of difficulty on the mental front.

You have what it takes to succeed already.

Since I can’t physically be up in your grill to motivate you when the moment of doubt strikes…


Sac Up

Why can’t I just buy the Battle Guide?

Well, I miiiiiiiight… allow that down the road.

At this point the fastest way for me to force guys to see what is possible for them is to CREATE the BREAKTHOUGH in a physical challenge.

So although I might offer this for sale, I want you to get the breakthrough into your power more than I want any money from you.

I want men to succeed!

Guys have been giving great feedback on the Battle Guide with the free version.

But I want to start with this Challenge, because competition is what reliably lights the flames of hunger.

So let’s do this!

Join me because this is going to be fun…

Because you are only a few days away from connecting to a whole other level of inspiration and power.

Are you ready to sac up and go for it?

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But How Hard Will This Be?

Good question!

Let me just say I am making everybody sign a waiver, because although I believe you have good judgement, I don’t want anybody with a bad ticker or a legit injury getting harmed.

If you have doubts about raising your heart rate – get your doctors ok.

But if you have had to move furniture around your house… or can chase your dog if it gets out of the fence…

Or you, like me, can manage to bring all the groceries from the car in one trip…

You can do this.

In all seriousness, I want you to succeed.

From my SEAL instructors who train with us in the Brotherhood, I can tell you 50 ways to force a guy to tap out in under 2 mins.

But I don’t want to force you to tap out… I want to cause you to succeed!

You will succeed by allowing this Challenge to tap into the same force our ancestors drank from. – I want you drink from this same force to unlock your full power as a man.

You have to wake it up first!


The Secret Trick

Just like I do in live events from the School of Man with to Trigger Serious Transformation…

The Challenge – will force another level of performance out of you.

Like seeing your aunt naked…

Once you witness it… you can’t take it back.

Tapping into these higher and higher levels of performance change you as a person… and this is what this whole challenge is really about.

If you feel you have what it takes to sac up and give this a go, then click here.

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This is going to be fun!

Cole Rodgers

P.S. You are also going to tap into the power of accountability with the rest of the group. This is a hidden gift for you. That’s what I mean when I say this challenge is meant to be a hard thing… but for you to succeed.

Step up! Let’s go!

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Earn your free printed and bound Battle Guide.

Just tell us where to send you the access details for the challenge…

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